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As an online shop that has gone through 4 years' storm and will enter fifth years, SUNMEIYI is not only a brand lighting, but also a modern art card of light capital ancient town and even China. For SUNMEIYI, innovation is a future traffic changing card "to consumers as the center, has become an important dimension of development innovation leads the modern art lighting company"; innovation is the value, is "integrity, innovation, passion, open" to continue to advocate the enterprise culture; innovation is a strategy, is with the strategy of "Web International + digital", drive SUNMEIYI from sustainable development, product performance and brand value upgrading; innovation is the tool is IPO, namely Innovation (disruptive innovation) and Performance (management efficiency), Open & Transparence (open and transparent) - fill in these three tables is an innovative way to SUNMEIYI. With the continuous change of the global consumer market, more and more lamps and decorative peers are constantly participating in the competition. SUNMEIYI is a future oriented enterprise, not only a lighting store, but also a modern and aesthetic integration platform, which is the core value of SUNMEIYI's innovation layout. In the future, the source of SUNMEIYI's sustainable growth depends on Endogenous Structural Growth and innovative growth. We focus on promoting the overall innovation and upgrading of SUNMEIYI from the four dimensions of internationalization, modernization, art and environmental protection. "How far we can go depends on our brand positioning". At the very top of SUNMEIYI's future strategy, the new upgraded values "integrity, innovation, passion and openness" become the top-level design that leads the whole staff to accelerate. The future, SUNMEIYI hopes to be a temperature of the brand, leading the fashion, aesthetic and entertainment "penetrated into the lives of consumers in the scene to make SUNMEIYI happy life platform, the practice of" focus on aesthetic design, bring warm and happy "make life for every family.